Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Click The Google Ads On My Blog Sites To Help Make Me A Billionaire

Can I rely on the kindness of strangers? Probably not. Long ago I started an art movement called "Con-Art." Art is about the creation of the artificial. This Artifice is where the word "Art"comes from. Art has always been a con job. Picture frames are supposed to be like windows looking out on artificial themes as one example of what art is with representation or rather false representation. I am fascinated by the idea of the Hoax and the Con job but I believe in the honest hoax and the pleasurable con job. Anyone else notice that gambling casinos are massive illusions of something quite unlikely to happen to most participants? Washington DC is a constant con job and perfectly legal.

My latest con job is this to get you to help make me an instant billionaire out of the kindness of your heart. By clicking ads on one of my various Instant Online Karma sites. Click ads frequently for the pennies i get per click it will take more clicks than you can imagine to amass the fortune that I need which of course you know is for my Personal Space Program..... Just go to one of these and click ads and more ads and more ads because you believe in this scam. Repeat after me: "I believe in this scam." Ok now start clicking ads and tell all your friends to click ads and to tell their friends to click ads because when I do get my billion dollar check from Google you can say "I helped him get there." and "I know I have great karma not just good karma now."

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